Balance, Integrity & Vitality

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The mission of the Bliss Network is to connect community, offer meaningful inspiration, educate readers on real-world sustainable solutions, showcase people finding balance in their lives and pursuing dreams, and to provide suggestions for practice. The aim of both print magazines and digital platforms is to empower readers with tools that allow them to live with balance, integrity, and vitality.

We’re located in Los Angeles, the nation’s center for innovation, spiritual study, creativity, health and fitness. We offer advertisers unmatched opportunities to reach and interact with influential readers through our highly targeted and tightly managed distribution program.

LA Yoga Magazine connects thousands of yoga students, teachers, studio owners, and balance-seekers with information on how to integrate yoga in the modern world. We profile teachers, feature events, showcase people changing communities, share vegetarian recipes, include Ayurvedic and health knowledge, and go backstage with musicians, filmmakers, and other artists.

The Events dot Yoga platform allows us to expand the work we have been doing in Los Angeles for over fifteen years into other key yoga markets across the US. Each of these new markets will be driven by the online business directory, magazine and calendar of events with outreach through weekly newsletters and social media.


By uniting and building yoga, new thought and wellness communities one at a time we can make a positive impact globally.

  • Events Calendar – upcoming events

  • Newsletters – community outreach

  • Social Media – community engagement

Stay informed and inspired, meet like minded people and expand your practice through deals and events.


It’s all about Bliss.

Bliss is why we do yoga; it’s why we shop organic, go for a spa treatment, get up for sunrise, care about the planet and search for meaning.

Find Bliss is an oasis for you to get inspired, connect with others, listen to music, uncover dreams and breathe life into your everyday experiences.

We are a community of people dedicated to finding balance, fulfillment, and peace of mind in an increasingly complex and challenging world.

Our mission is to be a trusted partner and resource for anyone seeking a richer, fuller life. We offer ideas, insight and solutions to assist people in defining and living their very own form of Bliss.

We believe that living in a state of pure Bliss is the inalienable right of every person on the planet.

At a time when most of the world is focused on war, sports, bigger houses and longer commutes, Find Bliss is nurturing the trend that started roughly 40 years ago in small health food stores, on college campuses and educational centers like Esalen and Omega Institutes.

We are building on the shoulders of great people like Alice Waters of the restaurant Chez Panisse, Duane Elgin, the author of Voluntary Simplicity and companies like Whole Foods Markets. The internet and social media has made the next step in this evolving process not only possible but an absolute necessity. Find Bliss is a port in the raging storm of intensity out there. We offer readers a carefully selected but wide variety of tools to help them cope with increasing financial pressure, massive amounts of complex information and less time to deal with the basics of life.

Our goal is to empower people to make conscious choices about work, relationships, food, health, shelter, finances, spirituality and to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Our primary commitment is to work hard sourcing and sorting the finest businesses, information and events in each of the cities or communities where we operate.

Our promise is that as a result of spending your precious time on our websites or reading our newsletters or browsing our social media platforms that you will be uplifted and inspired.


Our values are consistent with our mission.

Walk the talk – we practice what we preach. This means we are often testing diets, and practices and reporting back to our community.

Integrity – integrity is central to everything we do. How we run our business, how we treat our teammates, friends and family.

Our Earth – as fierce advocates of protecting Mother earth we constantly evaluate our decisions based on the short and long term impact.





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